Our Group

Chairman’s statement

Since 1960, our family business has built its reputation on the values of quality, special know-how and respect for consumers and the environment.

I share those values with our employees. Together, we are contributing to the development and growth of our group with only one passion: producing high-quality desserts for the pleasure of our customers.

Erhard is an independent industrial group, which is strong, modern, organised and innovative, and can meet the most stringent requirements in terms of food safety, regular and ambitious investment, certification of all sites, strong commitment towards the environment and the community, etc.

We are proud of our trades of makers of cakes, ice cream, biscuits and chocolate, with five efficient and flexible production facilities, a large range of complementary products in a wide variety of fields. Today, we have become major European players in the field of desserts.

I am convinced that we owe our success to our ambition to always seek to improve, excel ourselves and find new ideas.

Excellence cannot be left to chance, and resting on our laurels will never be part of our culture.

Denis Erhard

Chairman and Managing Director