Ice cream in tubs

Our ice cream workshop in Étupes

A few kilometres away from Montbéliard, also known for its Peugeot factory, lies the brand new workshop for making ice cream in tubs and pots, in Étupes.

A bright and modern workshop with a human dimension, which has been designed with employee welfare in mind.

This plant, with its up-to-the-minute equipment, is dedicated to making ice cream and sorbets (packaged in tubs and pots). That organisation allows the Erhard group to deploy its know-how of ice cream and sorbet making on a larger scale, while perpetuating the recipes that have made it so successful; in particular, it uses high-quality raw materials (fresh farm milk, crème fraîche, butter, egg yolk, fruit and fruit purées, etc.) that have been selected very meticulously.


Our know-how

Ice cream was the first product to be made and sold by Erhard. Ice cream is our legacy business, and we are very committed to the quality of the ice cream we make.

Our Erhard range offers over 200 flavours, including full fruit sorbets, yoghurt ice cream and more gourmet recipes with inclusions and sauces. 

Our ice cream is made from fresh milk sourced from the Courbot farm in Franche-Comté, a few kilometres away from the production site, and delivered there every morning.




The Erhard range includes one-litre square black tubs with white lids.
Our production plant enables us to address requirements for different shapes and volumes : 

Tubs :

  • 350 ml to 5 litres
  • square, oval or paving

Pots : 

  • from 80 ml mini pots to 1 litre pots




You can choose from a wide array of ice creams and sorbets : 

From the most conventional - vanilla and chocolate - to more regional flavours: Beer sorbet, Génépi sorbet, Calisson ice cream. Ultra gourmet compositions: Banana ice cream with banana chunks and chocolate sauce... Our range offers over 200 flavours.