Gougeres and chouqettes workshop

This production unit in Burgundy combines artisan know-how and traditional recipes.




Each region has its gougère !

This best-seller in the appetiser family has acquired two new recipes. In our workshop in Tailly in Burgundy, we have developed new Comté-Munster and Comté-truffle flavour gougères, which are made in addition to the traditional Burgundy gougère with Comté cheese.

Free-range eggs, PDO cheese, soft choux pastry, and appealing packaging all make these gougères the high-quality choice.


Raspberry red, lemon yellow or studded with chocolate chips, chouquettes have been revolutionised by Erhard Pâtissier Glacier.

Their secret is choux pastry made with milk and no less than 11 % butter to make the difference! Our chouquettes are also available in a ready-to-bake version on a sheet of baking paper.