Ice cream in tubs

Our artisan ice creams are made with wholesome milk from the Courbot farm (in Franche-Comté). Eggs and butter are sourced from France and the provenances of our fruit are stringently selected.

Our artisan sorbets are all of full-fruit quality, to guarantee an intense and generous flavour.

Ice cream tubs


We offer ice cream tubs in several sizes: 1 litre, 500 ml and 2.5 litres.

Ice cream pots

Pots to eat on the go, or larger 500 ml pots; there is something for all appetites !

Small sizes


300 ml tubs or 100 ml pots, discover our range of small sizes.

Large volumes

For gourmets and businesses, we have a range of 5.5 litre ice cream vendor tubs and 2.5 litre artisan tubs.