Quality policy

As part of its drive to achieve consistent quality and production, the Erhard group spares no effort in putting in place all the arrangements to ensure exemplary products and food safety, now and in the future.

Certifications and accreditations


An overall company strategy in favour of food safety.

  • All our production sites have IFS certification in the latest version. 
  • The first production site was certified in 2006.
  • Deployment of certification associated with sustainable development (organic, UTZ cocoa* etc.) since 2016.
  • Member of ARIA ALSACE and ARIA GRAND EST – member of VITAGORA – AERA Burgundy Franche Comté.

*By buying UTZ certified cocoa, Erhard supports sustainable cocoa production. www.utz.org

Continual improvement

  • Inspection plans that are suited to every level of the process (testing in internal and external laboratories, integrated and computerised traceability).
  • Continuous regulatory monitoring and alert system.
  • Modification or discontinuation of raw materials with a negative or suspicious impact on consumers.
  • Support to significant Research and Development initiatives to guarantee continual improvement.
  • Proactive approach to the reduction of ingredients, particularly additives.
  • Field staff with technical expertise (analysis of food safety risks, audits of suppliers and service providers, integrated and qualified cleaning teams).

Concrete commitments

  • All our products are made in our own workshops located in Alsace, Burgundy and Franche-Comté.
  • Our pastry makers are trained in the techniques used in traditional know-how.
  • Our biscuits are made in house.
  • Our ganache and mousse are made by our own specialists.
  • Our doughnuts and fritters are guaranteed to be free from palm oil.
  • We prefer to use local suppliers* and set up lasting partnerships.
  • Preference for raw materials* (milk, eggs, flour, fruit, etc.) from France.

*As far as possible.

Benefits of Erhard products

  • Our ice cream is made with milk produced by the Courbot farm in Franche-Comté and cream produced in France.
  • Our sorbets are guaranteed to be “full-fruit”.
  • Our brioches and choux pastries are made with butter only*.
  • Our fritters and doughnuts are not fried in palm oil.
  • Our target for 2022: shift to 100 % free-range eggs.

*Except in particular cases to suit customers’ requirements.