CSR policy

Environment protection, a key concern


Optimised management of waste and resources:

  • Optimised waste management (sorting, recycling, donations to charities and repurposing of by-products).
  • Optimisation of energy consumption.
  • Eco-designing of packaging.
  • Water and emissions management.

Ambitious investment plans in our plants:

  • By the end of 2019, all our sites will be equipped with 100 % LED lighting.
  • Over €3 million invested in the upgrading of refrigeration equipment.

(towards solutions with a lower environmental impact - CO2, ammonia etc.)

A committed social policy

  • Commitment to keeping our employees safe at all times.
  • We encourage access to employment by all categories of workers and endeavour to promote job security.
  • We play an active part in local development and community projects.
  • A dynamic family and employee welfare policy to promote employee loyalty.